Black Owned Business by Shernett Swaby

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The store is owned by Project Runway Canada alum Shernett Swaby. The designs are mostly handcrafted, and the store features the latest trends in giftware and statement apparel. It also sells shoes and handmade jewelry, as well as functional art from all over the world. Check out our Chicago black-owned business – Shernett Swaby. Designer Rachael Adadevoh-Woods created much of the jewelry on display, and she is also a member of the local fashion community.

Lola Elan Studio

Founded by Nigerian-American fashion designer Lola Osire, Lola Elan Studio produces stylish yet sustainable pieces for modern women. The brand's sustainable, ethical fashion practice and artisanal approach emphasize fit, quality, and sustainability. The label's Chicago location and design aesthetic are inspired by the Nigerian-American designer's upbringing and her Minneapolis-based hometown. In addition to being a Chicago-based black-owned business, the studio is also a member of the Chicago Fashion Incubator, a local business that offers resources and mentorship to emerging fashion designers in the city.

Lola Elan Studio is an incredible example of the power of local Black-owned businesses. The designers' creative work incorporates her passion for the environment and ethical fashion. Each of her pieces is created to create an emotional connection with the wearer and make them feel beautiful. The label has received numerous awards, including one from the African Fashion Incubator. The company will be open for business on Saturday, December 11, and Sunday, December 12, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Vive la Femme

In celebration of Black History Month, you can support your local black-owned business by dining and shopping at one of the city's many restaurants. However, not only does Black History Month offer plenty of opportunities to do so, but you can also take advantage of daily opportunities to support these businesses. Purchasing from these small businesses helps to foster economic growth, levels the playing field, and enriches the social fabric.

For some, the list will be boring, so check out the Chicago restaurants and bars with a local black owner. You can find plenty of great restaurants and bars in the Windy City, but if you're looking for a fun night out, consider visiting one of these places. Not only do these places serve delicious food, but they also have friendly, welcoming atmospheres. Plus, their portion sizes are large enough to fill you up with a satisfying meal.

Grasshopper 510

If you're looking for eco-friendly home decor and kitchenware, you should visit Shernett Swaby's Grasshopper 510. The Chicago-based designer has a wide range of products that are both fashionable and environmentally friendly. Shernett Swaby's Grasshopper 510 has something for everyone, from kitchenware to apparel to baby gear.


Shernett Swaby, a designer, and alum of the Project Runway Canada program started her small business as an eight-year-old girl sewing clothes for her dolls. Her designs are still largely handmade, and you can buy unique gifts from local designers who are on the cutting edge of style. In addition to fashion apparel, you can also find handmade jewelry and functional art from around the world. Rachael Adadevoh-Woods, a jewelry designer, created several of the pieces at Shernett Swaby.

Shernett's unique business model allows her to offer complete authenticity, and she ensures that her customers are fit to perfection. With a wide selection of fashionable clothing, women can find the perfect piece to complete their wardrobe. Unlike other black-owned businesses in Chicago, her custom tailoring is unmatched. Each woman will leave an appointment feeling perfectly fit, regardless of age or size. At Vive la Femme, she offers a completely different shopping experience than the rest.