How to Use a Plumbing Snake

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A plumbing snake is a handy tool for drain cleaning. It clears clogs and drains pipes with high-pressure water jets. If your drain is backed up with hair and debris, you can use the snake to get rid of it. Learn how to use it and the proper method for clearing clogged drains from Candu Plumbing of Chatsworth here.

Clearing clogged drains with a plumbing snake

A plumbing snake is a useful tool for clearing drains that have a small blockage. While snakes can be used to unclog drains with small blockages, larger drains will require professional intervention. If a drain is clogged near a main sewer line, call a drain cleaning company as soon as possible.

A plumbing snake is a specialized tool used to clear clogged drains. These are available at hardware stores, or you can rent one. These tools are similar to augers, but differ mainly in shape and size. While a simple auger can clear small clogs, the plumber snake is designed for clogged drains in the main line.

A plumbing snake can help remove a blockage in a sewer line by spinning a cable through the drain. Another method is hydro jetting, which uses high-pressure water to clean drains. The pressure of the water is high enough to clear clogs anywhere from one to 12 inches in diameter.

A plumbing snake is much stronger than a plunger, making it more effective at clearing drains. However, with this power comes risk: misuse of a plumbing snake can tear pipes and create leaks.

Using a drain snake to clear hair clogs

If you are struggling to clear a drain clog, consider using a drain snake. A drain snake is a long piece of wire that you bend at one end. The cable should be inserted through the drain’s opening, and you should try to twist it in a clockwise motion to clear the clog. If you are having difficulty pushing the snake down the drain, try holding it with both hands, but keep it at a distance of two or three inches from the drain mouth. This distance will allow you to control the snake’s motion and give you a better feel for the clog.

Another handy tool for clearing hair clogs is the DrainShroom. This snake, which is part of the award-winning TubShroom line, has a 42-inch length and can reach up to three feet. You can attach it to a power drill to make it easier to reach the drain. You can also opt for a cordless drain auger like the TACKLIFE Automatic Drain Auger, which is ideal for drains of one to three inches.

For more intensive clogs, a drain snake is the best option. A 3/8-inch, 20-foot-long drain snake should do the trick for most people. To use it, prepare a plastic bucket, a flashlight, and rubber gloves.

Cost of a drain snake

A drain snake can help you clean a drain that is clogged. The cost for this service can vary depending on how big the clog is and where it is. Typically, a tub or shower drain will require a more costly service than a sink drain. The length of time it takes to clear a clogged drain also varies. Severe clogs can take many hours to clear.

A drain snake can reach plumbing pipes that a standard auger cannot. When you have a large blockage that won’t break up with a standard auger, you may have to rent a snake to get the job done. Before you call a plumber, you’ll want to know the types of drain snakes available in the market and what to expect from each one.

The cost of a drain snake varies depending on the length and diameter of the snake. A manual snake usually costs around $25. You can get a drill-activated drain snake for a few hundred dollars. A machine auger is more expensive and may cost thousands of dollars.

Drain snakes can be purchased at a hardware store or rented from a plumbing supply store. The main difference between a snake and an auger is the size and shape. A simple auger is only good for clearing a single pipe. If the clog is in the main line, it is best to hire a Chatsworth plumber.

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